Britney is the Twitter Trending Topic queen! She’s had 18 world-wide Trending Topics in the last couple days! She Tweeted fans:

What did I do to deserve all this love?

The list of Trending Topics:

1. Britney Is Our Queen
2. I’m A Slave 4 Britney
3. Love 2 Love Britney
4. We Heart Britney
5. Free Britney
6. We Support Britney
7. We Just Love Britney
8. Britney Is Everything To Me
9. Xtina and Britney Forever
10. Xtina and Britney
11. Britney Is Miss American Dream
12. Venezuela Loves Britney
13. Britney Is My Life
14. World Loves Britney
15. Britney Queen Of Pop
16. Britney Made Us Stronger
17. Madonna & Britney
18. Britney Is Heaven On Earth
19. Britney Smile

Congrats Brit, you rock!

Fans, let’s get Britney Rebellion a Trending Topic!

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