We learned last week Britney’s appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but it’s not stopping there!

She’ll also hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 12th with Simon!

He better do some *** kissing. Earlier this year, Kimmel slammed Britney’s X Factor endeavor during one of his monologues.

“No one knows talent like Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.” “As you know Britney Spears has been wanting to be a judge ever since she spent the last 10 years appearing before them,” he continued.

Though the crowd reaction to his jokes was mixed, but Kimmel kept on with the digs.

“They paid her in Cool Ranch Doritos,” he added, before referencing her reported $15 million pay day. If you pay her $15 million, how much would you have to pay someone who could sing?”

Smooch up!

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