My friend inside Joseph’s last night told me that the crowd cheered when Eric Cubiche, Jamie Pressly’s fiance, played Britney’s new song. Britney spent her time there sucking on a lollipop and hanging out with her cousin Alli Sims and another girl and a guy. However, she was strictly platonic with the guy.


But UsWeekly fails to mention this in their story: Britney Spears was out last night looking uncharacteristically gloomy.

With all eyes on Paris Hilton being released from jail, it would seem that Monday was the perfect opportunity for Brit and her pals (cousin Alli included, of course) to hit the town. But when she arrived at Joseph’s Club at around midnight, she was barely recognizable. Dressed in all black and wearing a dark wig under a newsboy hat, Britney looked more high school goth than international popstar.

Sitting at a corner table near the dance floor, Brit talked to her friends, but didn’t appear to be moved by the music…perhaps she was waiting for a Morrissey track? She later got up and browsed through the DJ’s selections, requested a few songs, and dance-walked her way back to her seat. Though she cracked a few smiles, Brit was definitely her party’s pooper, finding her coke drink more entertaining than anything around her.

After leaving Joseph’s at 1:28 a.m., the gang went to a Carl’s Jr. drive-through for some late night snacks. There, the paparazzi who followed were treated to Brit’s version of ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s recent table-turning photography, though this time, no one was called an a-hole. We guess there was something cheery about Britney’s night after all!

Source: Us Weekly

ps – Britney was at the recording studio today with JR Rotem… You know… the one that said he “****** Britney wheelbarrow style.”

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