We ain’t gonna sleep tonight.


We ain’t gonna sleep tonight.

BreatheHeavy caught wind on Wednesday Britney and her dancers started rehearsing a number for “Slumber Party” this week. A day later, the Queen announced she has a special surprise planned for Friday’s show. We can’t 100% confirm she’s adding the Glory song to the show, but where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Reading between the lines, it likely means the song is also the next proper single (there’s a rumor Tinashe is hopping on a remix of it).

The other rumor is G-Eazy will hop on stage to perform “Make Me” with Britney. He is slated to be in Vegas Oct. 22 for an appearance at Drai’s.

Stay tuned to BreatheHeavy to see if Britney does indeed perform “Slumber Party” at her next show. And give it a spin below:

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