Britney’s getting hot and bothered by her personal trainer, Derek DeGrazio, reports In Touch Weekly.The two have “struck up a flirtatious friendship.”

Brit has become “tight” with DeGrazio (literally, too!), who’s accompanying her on tour, and has even “started suggesting post-workout get-togethers behind Jason’s back!”

According to a friend of Britney, “she says Derek is young and hot and boosts her self-confidence,” while Jason is “an old fuddy-duddy” whom she suspects “spies on her and reports back to her dad.”

Who says “fuddy-duddy,” anyhow? This has got to be fake. Plus, a rep for Britney tells Gossip Cop the story is “not true.”

[Insert gay exercise joke here] Derek makes me tired, too, because he’s been running through my mind all day! I’ll stick to my day job…

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