Britney and Lindsay Lohan are planning a scandalous return to the gossip scene together, reports the National Enquirer.

“Britney misses the fun and craziness of having Lindsay in her life,” said a source close to the singer.

“Despite Lindsay’s career and legal troubles, Brit wants to rekindle their friendship. So she secretly purchased a pre-paid cell phone – specifically to make secret phone calls to her behind Jason and Jamie’s back. If either one found out Brit’s in touch with Lindsay again, they’d flip – but with the pre-paid phone, they can’t track their talks.”

In their first secret call, Lindsay told Britney she was thrilled to be talking again after Britney gave advice how to jump-start a shaky career just like Britney did.

“Britney just loves hearing about Lindsay’s party-hopping in LA and New York – and hanging with fun guys. She really misses the fast-lane lifestyle. She’ll organize a top secret face-to-face when she gets time off from her tour.”

A source close to Britney tells Gossip Cop, the story “doesn’t even merit to be used as toilet paper.”

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