Britney and Lady Gaga are rumored to record a song together, according to new reports.

Gaga’s dad, who allegedly met Britney at the Grammys last week, chatted with Britney and told her how much Gaga loves her and would die to record a duet together.

“GaGa has made no secret of just how much of a Britney fan she is,” a source told Britain’s ‘The Sun.’

“She has even admitted she used to have posters of her on her wall and she was a great source of inspiration when she was a struggling songwriter.”

“She was delighted when she found her dad chatting away to Britney at the party.”

“He introduced them and the three of them were locked in conversation for ages.”

“At the end of the chat, they exchanged numbers and agreed to go into the studio and work on music together as soon as GaGa finishes her Fame Monster tour.”

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