Britney And Kevin’s Ongoing Baby Name Battle

September 2, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears recently told friends that she’s having a boy — but naming that son appears to be proving problematic.Her rep says they’ll name the baby when it’s born, but a friend of the couple tells Star: “Britney wants to call him Jamie, after her father and younger sister,” but Kevin thinks the name is too feminine for his son-to-be. “Instead, he’s voting for the name Vegas [after his favorite party town], or the name Preston.” Brit is considering Preston, but has nixed Vegas. The friend explains, “She has too many bad memories of Kevin’s party days there.” Not to mention that it was the site of her 55-hour first marriage to Jason Alexander. Kevin and Britney — who’s so on edge that a source says last week she stormed out of a dinner with her mom at Santa Monica’s Houston’s Restaurant — are also arguing about Britney’s devotion to Kabbalah (which her rep also denies).”Kevin was never really into Kabbalah. I think he tolerated it because it means a lot to Britney,” another source tells Star.”But now that she’s talking about raising their baby in the faith, he’s put his foot down.” What pushed him over the edge? The source says it’s Brit’s recent whopping $35,000 donation to Kabbalah’s Spirituality for Kids program. “Money has been somewhat of an issue lately, and Kevin didn’t think that was a wise investment.” Especially since, the source says, Kevin would rather give his boy “a traditional Christian upbringing.”

Source: Star Magazine