In the last days of Britney Spears’ march to the delivery room, sources say baby daddy Kevin Federline is bearing the full brunt of her wrath.
“Kevin is tired of Britney’s nonstop talking about how afraid she is to deliver their first child,” says a source close to the couple. “Ever since she got pregnant, Britney has harbored a secret fear of giving birth. Now that the day is growing closer, she can’t stop worrying out loud.”
Kevin, 27, has not only told Britney, 23, he’s tired of the complaining, he’s also boldly advised her that she needs to be more like his former girlfriend and mother of his two kids, Shar Jackson, the source says. “Kevin says Shar never went on and on about giving birth the way Britney has,” the source says — and it has mom-to-be Britney livid. However, Kevin isn’t a complete ice-man when it comes to babies. Another source says he was positively giddy the weekend of Sept. 10 when new baby sharks arrived for his aquarium, adding, “I think he’s more excited about those sharks than he is about the new baby!”

Source: Star

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