Britney Spears’ publicist, Leslie Sloane, recently released a statement dismissing all the reports and magazine goss that suggest Britney and Kevin’s marriage is on the rocks:
“He and Britney are as normal as other couples. They fight and they make up.”
The latest saga comes from a reported conversation that Kevin Federline is meant to have had with an In Touch reporter a few weeks ago:
“I don’t like lawyers,” Federline said, in In Touch. “But in this situation, I have to get protection. I love her. But ask me now about life apart from Britney, and all I can say is, ‘Can it be any worse than living with her?’ I am doing what she wanted, getting out of the house and trying to find work, but I do that and she trashes my efforts. She just wants me at her beck and call as a little house husband. Marriage is something you don’t go into lightly. She has to learn she can’t just pick me up and dump me off, like her first husband.” He reportedly added that he would demand a “$125 million” settlement, if they were to get a divorce.


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