U-Britney got an email from Anna-Belle about the Chaotic soundtrack which is also Britney’s new album that she’s been talking about on TRL (remember when she mentioned something about a new project for a show…). So yeah, Anna-Belle’s uncle has a friend who’s gonna mix the album and he got the soundtrack for us.

Britney Spears
Chaotic – Music Of The UPN TV Show: Britney & Kevin: Chaotic

02.Money, Love, Happiness
04.Hollow Sound
05.Your Pretty Eyes
06.Take Off
07.U-Turn (With Kayne West)
08.From Bad 2 Worse
09.Mona Lisa (She’s Gone)
10.The Style
12.Drive Into Me
13.Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On
14.I See Your Face Everyday (With Kevin Federline)
15.I’ve Had The Time Of My Life (With Kevin Federline)

The first single of the album is either Mona Lisa or Chaotic

Guilty and Mona Lisa are a lot different from the actual demos we got to hear.

The album includes three duets. Two with Kevin Federline and one with Kayne West

This one seem’s real enough but somehow the album tracklistings stopped all together when Britney announced she was pregnant and ever since someone thought of a soundtrack for a 6 episode mini-series tracklistings have become abundant. We’ll have to wait and see…

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