The Smoking Gun reported that Britney and Kevin signed an agreement regarding the September 18th wedding ceremony that called it “Faux” Wedding.

Here is what TSG said regarding the agreement:
We’ve all been there before: You’re itching to get hitched, but negotiations with your beloved over the prenuptial agreement have snagged. But since you really, really want to get married, you bring in the lawyers to write up a legal agreement regarding your planned “faux” marriage and “alleged” wedding ceremony. That’s the predicament lovebirds Britney Spears and Kevin Federline faced earlier this month as they planned their glorious union. With no prenup in place, the couple signed the below agreement–first obtained this week by Us Weekly–regarding their September 18 “wedding,” agreeing that their blessed union would not be legally valid until the pair later finalized details of Federline’s dowry. Nothing, of course, screams romance more than a notary public. Spears and Federline apparently fast-tracked the so-called nuptials after word leaked that they planned an October 16 ceremony. Thanks affiliate

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