Rumored boyfriend Jason Trawick is a user, and Britney has finally come to her senses.

OK! claims Britney and Jason’s “relationship,” if you can call it that, is on the rocks.

Britney spent the holidays without him, checking into the Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood on December 28 with mom Lynne to “clear her head.”

“Their relationship is in big trouble,” a source close to the couple tells OK!. “This is the first stable romance she’s had in years and it looks like it’s over.”

Friends of Britney’s are not surprised though, especially after a judge extended the conservatorship over Britney for at least another year.

“Jason’s original role was to help Britney get her life back together. Because that dynamic was in place from the beginning, he was controlling her a bit, giving her the guidance she needed. But she’s over it. She straightened up and is fed up with Jason telling her what to do.”

Well, of course! NOBODY around Britney is giving her any freedom!

Family Fighting:

Family insiders also claim Britney is severely stressed about her parents’ toxic relationship with each other.

You are what you eat.

“The fighting has taken its toll on Britney,” says a source. “She’s begging Lynne to move on. Over the holidays, she put her foot down when she heard Jamie yelling at Lynne on the phone.”

And of course, Jason took Jamie’s side.

Why? Because he’s scared he’ll get cut off. Like everyone is!

The source adds, “Britney and Jason had a huge blowup before New Year’s because Jason defended Jamie. She couldn’t believe he would think Jamie had a leg to stand on.”

Jason’s Jealous:

Another reason for the strain in the relationship is Jason’s irrational jealousy towards Britney’s bodyguard Edan Yemini.

“[Edan’s] been with her for more than a year accompanying her to every city and country,” confirms an eyewitness. “We think he’s in love with her.”

Jason hates the competition. “Jason – in business as well as in his personal affairs – wants not one cutting in on his dance.”

But, Britney has a jealous side as well. And rightfully so! She has no one to trust, and the people she thinks she can trust end up burning her anyway…

“She checked Jason’s BlackBerry and would give him hell if he contacted a female. One of the last straws was when she called one of the women and it was a business contact. Jason was so embarrassed and had to apologize.”

Jason suggested they “take a break” and told friends they agreed to see other people, but hoped their relationship would remain.

“They’ll get it worked out because they really do love each other,” says a pal, “but it’s going to take time.”

Brunette Britney:

Britney checked into the Mondrian hotel on Dec. 28 as a blond, but checked out hours later as a brunette.

“When Britney changes her hair,” says a friend, “it is very telling.”

NYC psychologist therapist Rachel Blakeman, who has never evaluated or treated Britney, says a woman often changes her hair “to control something when other things are out of control. It can also be an imagined life-changing event, as though she is a new person as a result of the new color.”

Brown hair or not, I personally am happy to see Jason Trawick out of the picture. He was nothing but a mole for Jamie.

And doesn’t anyone find it extremely odd how fast he lost a considerable amount of weight? Hmm…

Good riddance!

My thoughts go out to Britney during this trying time in her life; a time where seemingly no one around her actually cares about her state of mind or being.

But hey, us fans can look forward to another album rushed out, right?!


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