Maybe it’s just me, but I think every fan of Britney’s has such high expectations for any man she ever dates. Expectations that no human being could ever live up to. And this, at least for me, is no exception. According to, Britney has once again found love, this time with TV agent Jason Trawick. Jason works for the William Morris Agency, and is partly responsible for hooking up Britney’s latest “How I Met Your Mother” appearances. The two have been seen together out to dinner, frolicking on the beach in Costa Rica, and most recently attending the birthday bash for fashion designer Christian Audigier. But are the two an item?

A source told New! magazine: “They had a great time in Costa Rica and they also got a chance to enjoy some quality romantic time together.”Britney totally trusts him and she has very deep feelings for him. It’s now got to the point where Britney wants to be with him full time.”

Full time? Like yesterday when he brought her flowers at Ballys? Or the day before when they went to grab sushi at Shu? Or the day before that when he bought her a nice purse from Lisa Kline? Oh wait that never happened… He’s probably in line at Best Buy buying a video camera if you know what I’m saying.

The “insider” even goes as far to say he is partly the reason for her big turn-around: “Jason was deeply saddened when she lost it and he made it his personal mission to see she comes back. It was Jason who was one of the key figures who helped Britney to reunite with her parents and, in turn, get herself back on track. He was also behind her reuniting with her former manager Larry Rudolph, and getting her involved with the TV series How I Met Your Mother.”

The new romance has received the blessing of Britney’s father Jamie, of course, who sees him as a “stabilizing influence”. A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Jamie thinks Jason would be a great match for Britney. She always had a thing for bad boys but now she realizes good guys can be attractive, too.”

Funny how the media portrays the people in her life. It’s so black and white. This guy, to me, seems like just friend / associate status. Nothing more. Next thing ya know she’ll be married to this guy.

Hope I didn’t just give him any ideas…

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