Britney And Jason Holding Off On Marriage, Still In Love

After their romantic Hawaiian getaway, Britney and boyfriend Jason are more in love than ever, according to new reports.

The two enjoyed a two-week vacation to Maui earlier this month, and sources claim the two became much closer after taking a break from their everyday lives.

“Spending time alone in Hawaii definitely brought them even closer together. They both have the same long-term view of the relationship,” a source explained. “When she gets engaged, they will announce it. It won’t be a secret.”

Britney and Jason have discussed marriage, but don’t want to rush anything.

The report claims Jason wants to hold off and ensure Britney’s sons, Sean & Jayden, are completely comfortable with the the idea before making anything permanent.

Said a source to Us Weekly: “If everything goes to plan, they’ll be engaged within a year.”


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