Britney and Jason are squashing speculation their relationship’s on the rocks, traveling to Brit’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana to spend time with her family for Christmas this weekend, reports the NY Post.

“Britney and Jason are bringing her sons down to Louisiana to be with the family, including her sister and her mom, Lynne.”

The source added that Britney has yet to sign on to be a judge for another season of “The X Factor,” adding, “She loved working with the contestants and the girls, but she doesn’t yet know if she’ll do another season.”

The trip comes days after reports surfaced claiming Jason plans on breaking it off with Brit.

Services for the passing of Britney’s grandfather, June Spears, will take place in Kentwood on Friday and Saturday.

Another source told reporters:

“I know they are going on a Christmas vacation and hopefully will come back with their relationship renewed.”

Britney told People she’s thankful for having Jason in her life.

“It amazes me that no matter what situation I’m in… Jason has the ability to always make me feel protected and loved.”

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