Britney Spears shouldn’t go planning any slumber parties just yet.

While the time she’s spent with her two children over the past month has seemingly proved beneficial to all parties involved, overnight visits with Sean Preston and Jayden James are still a ways off, according to Kevin Federline’s resident legal eagle, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

The attorney told E! News Friday that the monitored visits between Spears and her sons “have been nothing out of the norm,” but that “there has to be consistency over time.

“I don’t think 30 or 40 days is the magic number,” Kaplan said.

After nearly two months of separation, Spears’ visitation privileges were restored Feb. 22—after her father, Jamie Spears, and his attorneys reached a deal with K-Fed’s camp—and she saw them the following day for the first time since Jan. 3, when she was briefly hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center following a custody-fueled standoff with police at her Beverly Hills home.

Kaplan continues to credit Jamie Spears’ newfound presence in his daughter’s life for this noticeably more amiable state of affairs.

“All we know is that since Jamie Spears has been involved it has been a very stabilizing force,” he said.

The elder Spears has been serving as coconservator of the pop star’s estate since Feb. 1, when she was admitted to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. Jamie and a court-approved psychiatrist are required to be present when Spears spends time with her sons.

Kaplan said that the next custody-related hearing is expected to take place in May, and he’s still anticipating a trial, in preparation of which he has deposed a number of Spears’ friends and associates, including off-again, on-again manager Larry Rudolph.

Regardless of what anyone says about him, it’s still Federline’s intention to do the right thing for his children, the lawyer said.

“The goal is to have a stabilizing and consistent order for the kids,” Kaplan said. “His hope is that would involve the participation in a substantial way by their mother.” fing26.gif

Federline has had primary custody of Sean and Jayden since October, when Spears was stripped of her 50-50 deal after a court commissioner determined she had violated numerous directives, including his orders that she make herself available for random drug testing and acquire proper insurance and a California license before getting behind the wheel with her kids in the car.


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