Britney and Demi might flash a smile for the cameras on the X Factor, but behind-the-scenes there’s a little feud brewing, according to new reports.

A “source” for Star magazine says, “Demi thinks Britney is a twit, and Britney thinks Demi’s beneath her,” adding, “They avoid each other as much as possible when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

But “once the cameras are rolling,” says Star, “things get really bad.”

The “insider” also claims Demi provoked Britney to walk off the set, not because Britney has ADHD, but because Demi “could not stop laughing” at Britney’s face when a contestant butchered Hold It Against Me.

“Demi thought it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen, the horrified look on Britney’s face when she heard her song being turned into a mess.”

“Unlike most people, Britney cannot cope with any amount of stress,” reveals the source. “Demi laughing at her was the last straw. Britney threw her a death stare and stormed off.”

Britney’s reps deny the story, saying it’s “completely not true” that she and Demi are feuding, adding they “get along very well.”

“This is a pathetic attempt at creating a story.”

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