Britney And David's Charming Virginia Getaway

Britney and David’s trip to his hometown of Appomattox was a chance for the two to get away and meet his side of the family, and it was a success!

“They came here to relax and get away from everything for a few days,” David’s aunt, Gayle Lucado, tells Celebuzz.

“David’s grandmother is 93 and she wanted to meet her.”

Aunt Gayle says the family remained tight-lipped about Brit’s surprise trip because that’s the way David prefers it. We’re sure Britney, too!

However, that didn’t stop locals from capturing a glimpse of the “Work *****” singer. On Wednesday, a fan saw Britney in between flights en route to Virginia. Thursday, they were seen getting dinner at Neighbors Place with his mom and Friday Brit the two went golfing then stopped by the University of Virginia.

“He’s a very quiet, sweet young man who grew up in a small town in Virginia. The closest city is Richmond and that’s over an hour away,” she said of David’s down upbringing.

“They didn’t really do anything, they just did family,” she revealed. “And went out for dinner one night.”

“We have a farm and they stayed there,” she said of the Lucado family residence where David’s parents live. “They really enjoyed having her here.”

The three-day trip ended with Brit jetting off and David heading to another family event.

“Britney had a conflict so she left today and David’s on his way to his sister’s wedding,” she said. “It’s been a busy week. We’re all really excited,” added Gayle.