Britney And David Want A Winter Wedding

Britney wants to get married to boyfriend David Lucado before her Vegas residency kicks off later this year, claims new reports.

When Brit, Lynne and David were at lunch last month they apparently broke the news saying they want to have a traditional church wedding near her family home in Louisiana at Christmas.

“They are then planning on heading off to Hawaii for a honeymoon before she starts in Vegas,” a source told Britain’s Closer magazine.

She wants kids, but she’s going to have to put that on the backburner for now due to her Vegas residency and new album.

“She’s the happiest and healthiest she’s been in years. She’d love to get pregnant again and maybe have a daughter.

“It’s a massive blow that she’s going to have to wait, but she’s finally in a good place,” the source continued.

The source adds: “Although they’ve only been together seven months, she’s dreaming of a white wedding with her five-year-old niece Maddie as bridesmaid.”