Britney And David Are “Totally In Love”

January 12, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Britney And David Are "Totally In Love"

A source connected to Britney wants you to know she’s madly in love with boyfriend David Lucado. Definitely not with Justin Timberlake. Just David Lucado.

“They are totally in love and they make a good pair,” an inside source tells E! News. “He’s from a small town and she is very sheltered. It’s a good mix.”

They continue David loves Britney for Britney, not the mega superstar she is and will always be.

“David still sees her as a regular, normal girl he is dating,” the source said. And he “gets along very well with her family.”

So how’s David adjusting to life in the fast lane during Britney’s Vegas shows?

“He is extremely happy and doing very well,” the source added. “He is still doing his business but now in Las Vegas.”

Britney And David Are "Totally In Love"

While taking a photo with a few fans, David said Britney worked “very very hard on the show” and adorably admitted that it was his first concert and he didn’t think anyone would recognize him. He added that he was “very very proud” of his gorgeous girlfriend, and clearly—it shows!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…