Britney And Christina Inspired Bebe Rexha To Name Her Album ‘Expectations’

June 29, 2018 By Jordan Miller

We love flawless taste.


We love flawless taste.



Bebe Rexha released her new album last Friday. It’s titled Expectations, and features some low-key depressing songs disguised in sugary, electro beats (stream below).

The singer is opening up about the record to iHeart, revealing our favs inspired the title.


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“For me, I grew up listening to Christina Aguilera and watching Britney Spears and they were always so awesome to me,” Rexha said when asked why she named her album, Expectations.

“I thought that I was going to follow their same path. And then I slowly learned that I’m different.”

She adds: “My body’s shaped different. My music is different. My background is different. I think my journey in the music business has been so much more different than I expected it to be and that’s just life in general.”

Britney and Xtina teaching life lessons since 1999.





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