Kevin Federline wants Britney to pay him more, but should she?

Kevin Federline wants Britney to pay him more, but should she?

Look, when Kevin Federline met Britney way back when, he got sucked into her hyper-fame tornado and it spit him out. He’s always been a leech in the eyes of the American people, and I think he’s OK with that, as long as Queen B is cutting a monthly check. So are we really surprised the “PopoZão” rapper(?) is legally requesting more money in addition to his $20,000 a month in child custody? Absolutely not. Everyone could see this coming.

According to Us Weekly, K-Fed’s longtime attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, recently sent a letter to Britney’s legal team detailing why Kevin should get more than the $20K monthly payment he currently receives.

See what Exhale is saying about this.



Let this sink in: Kevin does not have a job that we know of. He’s asking Britney, who has a job, to pay for him to continue not to work.

According to Us, Kevin is very aware Britney’s Piece Of Me residency was highly lucrative and feels he deserves a bigger piece of the pie.

An alleged insider tells the tabloid he believes part of her success was “because the boys have been in her life. Britney’s entire world are the boys, period. She just lights up when she is with them.” The source adds that Kevin thinks he has made “sacrifices” for Britney and “has gone above and beyond what most people would do in this situation.”

So he wants more money because she’s a good mother? Is this making sense to anyone?

Fortunately, Britney’s going to leave the legal details to the higher ups. “Britney won’t be involved with any of the legal discussions regarding the increase request,” the insider says. “She will let her dad… and the lawyers hash it out. However, Jamie isn’t just going to fork over what he would consider an outrageous demand.”

I’m not going to talk trash about K-Fed because 1.) I don’t really care about their financial arraignments and 2.) he’s the father of Britney’s kids, but the LAZINESS IS REAL.

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  1. $20,000 for child support is already absurd. A lot of people only get a couple hundred a month. There’s no reason he can’t get a job to get the money HE needs. That $20,000 is to help support the children, which is far more than necessary for two kids. If the court approves his request they’re absolutely bonkers.

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