Earlier today, I posted an unseen clip from Britney’s new documentary “For The Record” of Britney being taken to the middle of nowhere, and finally being allowed to drive. I stated my thoughts on the topic, saying: “You’d think as time went on, there would be more freedoms given to Britney. Instead, time went on, and the conservatorship was made permanent – giving her even less freedoms than before. It’s not right.”

Britney tells the interviewer in the clip that she really only feels free when she got to drive her car – something I’ve always felt was unjustly taken away from Britney.

Fortunately, the message was heard loud and clear.

A source has revealed exclusively to BreatheHeavy.com that Jamie allowed Britney to drive herself home tonight from the dance studio. YES! BRITNEY drove! The source continued to say it was a red Toyota, and Britney was ecstatic!

Thank you for this. I’m sure it means a lot to Britney, and to me too.

ps – That picture above is from last year. BEFORE Britney fired Brett and re-hired by her parents.

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