Shocking new reports claim Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, has allegedly threatened Britney, claims BreatheHeavy has reported in the past as well. has obtained several audio clips of Britney crying out for help, saying:

“I’ve just finished listening to three audio files that have come in to the office and I’m honestly quite disturbed by them. These audio files are voice messages left by Britney Spears to a business acquaintance last month.

I’ve had the short messages transcribed and it’s quite disturbing to read as well as hear. Continue on to read a couple disturbing excerpts.”

In one of the messages, Britney is heard saying:


“I’ve been blackmailed by visitation with my babies by this Conservatorship.”

“My father has threatened me several times, that… he’ll take my children away.”

Above is a photo of Jamie Spears filling up his Cadilac Escalade in the Valley Thursday afternoon, courtesy of

These clips need to be leaked NOW so the world knows the pain and struggle Britney is currently going through.


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