Justiney lives on.

Justiney lives on.

BreatheHeavy made light of Britney’s new Glory cut “Liar,” attempting to explain a theory that the song is about Justin Timberlake, but more than anything it was an excuse to promote the flawless track. It appears not all the bridges are burned.

In a new Q&A with fans on Most Requested Live with Romeo this weekend, Britney answers questions submitted by fans. She explains how the Glory title came to be, the floods in Louisiana, her favorite sushi rolls, working with G-Eazy, if she’ll tour after Vegas and the million dollar question… what producers/music video directors she’d like to work with.

The “Slumber Party” singer misunderstands the question and mentions Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, Gwen Stefani and… JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (she labels him “very good”).

I wasn’t ready for this (see that moment at 3:51 above)

■ One of her sons told her to name the album Glory
■ Her favourite song from the album is Do You Wanna Come Over?, because her sons like it and it is “really fun”
■ G-Eazy is “very very cool […] he got a lot of swag, so he is very cool”
■ About a world tour after Vegas: “Who knows?”
■ Her favourite dish to cook at home is spaghetti
■ Her favourite music video is I’m a Slave 4 U
■ She will not star in a movie at the moment, considering she is “a terrible actress”
■ Her album is “surprising, fun, different” and helps you work out


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