EastOregonian.info: Graduation Day can be nerve-racking in itself – the details of hairstyles, walking across the platform without tripping, worrying about how relatives will act in front of your peers – can be some of the factors.
Add to that for Pendleton High School seniors Saturday afternoon the question of fainting or not when Britney Spears shakes your hand and the nervous quotient is ratcheted up to a whole new level.
Yep, the Britney Spears of musical yore shook each graduate’s hand at Pendleton High School’s ceremonies before they entered the main floor. Her husband Kevin Federline is related to Cameron Federline, one of the graduates, and the couple and their entourage wanted to attend his high school graduation just like millions of other Americans across the country this weekend.
Aside from the quiet appearance by the singer, Buckaroo graduates pondered the past and what the future holds for them.

Credit: Ubritney

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