According to new reports, Britney does NOT want Jamie Lynn to marry Casey “I can’t keep my **** in my pants” Aldridge. “Sources say the pop star is determined to keep the 17-year-old from ending up in a marriage and divorce like her situation with ex-husband Kevin Federline.”

Britney thinks Jamie Lynn is “way too young” to marry, ” especially if he’s been cheating,” says the source. She is too young! Then again 16 is “way too young” to get pregnant, too.

Casey Aldridge, who cheated on Jamie Lynn when she was 6 months pregnant – including impregnating fame-***** Kelli Dawson last year whilst in a relationship with Jamie Lynn, has vehemently denied “accusations” that he has slept with Dawson.

It is rumored that Jamie Lynn has moved in to Mama Spears’ mansion in Kentwood, Louisiana – just 30 minutes outside McComb, Mississippi where Jamie Lynn and Casey bought a home.

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