Britney has millions of fans, adored world-wide, engaged to a cool guy and supported by her family, but is the stress and pressure of fame still causing her trouble?

Britney was acting “wacky” during a recent manicure and neck massage at the Hands On Boutique Spa in Beverly Hills, an insider tells Star.

“Her eyes were completely glassy, and she was acting very lethargic,” the source says. “After her massage was over, Britney was asked if she wanted to add another 15 minutes. She looked at the masseuse with a confused look on her face and asked, ‘What does that mean?’ She didn’t seem to understand. The employees were saying, ‘Wow, what’s with her?’”

After her session, Britney stood up and dropped a lot of change and reportedly left it on the floor.

“Maybe that was supposed to be the tip,” the source says. “Because she sure as hell didn’t give one! She was sweet – but just an idiot.”



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