POP princess Britney Spears is house-hunting in Britain.

The 22-year-old superstar yesterday revealed her passion for London and admitted she is ready to move from her Los Angeles home.

In her first interview since marrying dancer boyfriend Kevin Federline, 26, she said: ‘I love London. I have to get a place there. It’s the one place I feel anonymous.

‘I just love it. When I’m not working that’s where I feel at home. I love the clothes, the shops – I try to stay as near to the shops as I can.

‘I love Knightsbridge in London and Harvey Nichols is such a cool shop.’

Britney, who has a Greatest Hits album out on November 8,admitted she would love to flee the attention she gets in LA.

She said: ‘Some people may think I’m into this diva thing but I’m low key.

‘I’m not at all flashy. As long as I have my Starbucks I’m happy.

‘I’m very wash and go. Today I just washed my hair and put mascara on. When I’ve been going places lately I won’t even blow-dry my hair and my nails are bad.’ Britney – who has scored a string of hits with songs such as Baby One More Time, Slave 4 U and Toxic – also said Madonna is still her ultimate role model.

The 45-year-old music veteran has also quit the US for London, where she shares a home with movie director Guy Ritchie.

Britney said: ‘Madonna has always been my idol and as an artist she always keeps her fans guessing.

‘I went from a school uniform to a red PVC catsuit and then a stage number involving a python and a tiger. What was I doing having a tiger next to me?

‘And Jennifer Aniston always looks very put together – I love that.

‘But I have so many different sides. I like to be sophisticated sometimes but then I’d love to dress like Gwen Stefani.’

Britney also revealed how much she adores married life. She said: ‘I’m delighted, excited, elated. I wake up in the morning, look at the ring and think, ‘Very cool’. Kevin makes me feel stable and loved.

‘This is my life and I don’t care what people think. I’m in love with him and that is all that should matter.

‘I would love to have a family, that’s my main priority. My fairytale dream is to do it all – respectable movie roles, amazing music and perform in front of thousands.’

She added: ‘I’ve always ended up being the man in the relationship.

‘I know it sounds really weird but it’s very hard for me to let go and let the man take control. I don’t like to be taken advantage of – sometimes people do that.

‘They think I’m young so they try to **** me in.’

Britney also feels her youth means she is not taken seriously.

She said: ‘Because my music – especially my live stuff – is very showy, a lot of people don’t respect it as art.

‘Because I’m young, soft-spoken and nice to people, they go ahead and assume things.

‘But everything I have ever done – even my movie – I helped to write. I’m the complete opposite to a puppet.’

By Mickey Mcmonagle , from britneyspears.org.

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