For a while, it looked like Britney Spears would either be another flash-in-the-pan pop star or the next Madonna. Besides her music video gyrations and her high-profile romance to singer Justin Timberlake, Britney really captured the salacious gossip spotlight when she locked lips with Madonna on live TV. But Britney’s tabloid quotient skyrocketed when she had a quickie Vegas wedding to an old high school friend that ended up lasting a mere 55 hours. Hoping to do it right the second time around, Britney rebounded to marry scruffy backup dancer Kevin Federline, whose girlfriend was pregnant with their second child at the time. Britney is currently the tabloid queen, battling the gossip rags for spreading rumors about her pregnancy or maybe even adultery in the Spears/Federline household. Combating those nasty rumors, the lovebirds have announced plans to star in their own reality TV show. Move over, Nick and Jessica.

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