Britney placed number 100 on FHM’s 2008’s Sexiest Women In The World. Not number 97, not 91. Had to kick off the list with the biggest star in the world. What a slap in the face! “At least she made it?” **** THAT. Turning your life around and getting up after being down for so long IS ****. “But Jordan, they could have left her off altogether.” GOOD! I’d rather they just left her off then squeeze her in like they’re doing us a favor. If Heidi Montag and the Olly girls (who? I know… seriously…) can place higher than Britney, then you know the list is full of **** anyway. But it still bugs me! And let me remind you she was #1 on FHM’s list back in 2004. “Jordan you’re stupid.” I KNOW! And Britney deserves #1! Check it out.

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