Britney #1 & #3 2x

August 24, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Did you have to read that headline a few times? GOOD wake your *** up it’s 1PM! Ok maybe I’m the only one sleeping in around here. And please look at Brit’s *** hair above. Hot.

MTV aired a “Best VMA Opens” special this afternoon, counting down the top 10 best Video Music Award openings. Britney ranked twice in the top 3!

1. Britney & Madonna for “Like A Virgin / Hollywood Medley” – 2003
3. Britney for “Gimme More” – 2007.

Not sure how I feel about #3. Her worst public performance of all time, and sadly one of her most memorable. Congrats anyway, Brit!

MTV has plans to air a Britney VMA special on Saturday, September 6th, counting down her top 10 VMA moments on and off the stage.