Bridal Britney Denies Trouble

August 20, 2004 By Jordan Miller

For a minute there, we thought Britney Spears had finally come to her senses. On Tuesday, the Australian tabloid NW claimed the pop tartlet had called off her impending nuptials to sometime dancer Kevin Federline after a heated exchange Aug. 5 on the Los Angeles set of her perfume commercial.

Alas, the matrimonial train is still chugging along. A spokeswoman for Spears tells USA Today that the wedding is very much a go. The date remains under wraps, though the New York Post predicts it will be Nov. 14 in Santa Barbara when the couple will pledge to stay together until death parts them. No word on whether the wedding party will don formal or casual ****-grazing baggy pants and trucker hats.

And the couple may soon have a financial incentive to go through with the aisle walk. The Post (via Us Weekly) claims the two are in talks to follow in the relentlessly filmed footsteps of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey as MTV’s latest “Newlyweds”: “Britney wants Kevin to be just as famous as she is.” Good luck with that, sweetie.

Meanwhile, Spears’ mom apparently wants her daughter to take a cue from another famous face. The Chicago Sun-Times reports Lynne Spears tossed the current issue of Vanity Fair at the Britster and said, “This is who your role model is gonna be,” pointing to scandal-free cover girl Reese Witherspoon. “It’s all about stability, family, husband, and kids!”

Elsewhere in Britney’s world, she’s ramping up for the release of her greatest hits package (at the ripe old age of 22), due out November 16. The first single, which hits airwaves September 14, will be a cover of Bobby Brown’s 1988 hit “My Prerogative” (sample lyrics: “Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me/Why don’t they just let me live?/I don’t need commission/Make my own decisions/That’s my prerogative”). Art will imitate life for the song’s video: Access Hollywood reports she’ll marry a Federline look-alike in it.