You know when someone says something nice about Britney you’re like “hey, that was pretty cool they said that!” Then it happens again the following week and you’re like “Damn, that’s nice again. Glad they like Britney.” Then the third time around you’re kind of over it and just roll your eyes and under your breath whisper “oh jesus…” (excluding Paris Hilton, duh). That’s kind of how I’m feelin about this:

Brian Friedman, Britney’s ex-backup dancer and current choreographer for Britain’s X-Factor, says Britney is definetly performing on the show, and is excited to do so:

“Britney is doing something she’s never done before,” Brian revealed to “She’s got a whole new team working with her and according to her choreographers, she’s doing amazingly,” he added.

“She’s kicking *** in rehearsals and she’s totally excited about doing the X Factor.”

Brian is no stranger to showering Britney with compliments. Just last week Brian spoke to the Mirror about Britney saying: “Britney is at the best she has ever been. She will perform Womanizer on the show and it will be the raunchiest performance X Factor has seen. She’s back on top of her game.”

And the week before? Brian opened up to UK’s “Celebs” magazine, saying: “She is such a sweet, endearing person. We lost touch in the last year, so it will be nice to reconnect. Last year I asked her to come and do X-Factor but she was too hectic. This year it’s happening. I’m so excited. I’m so glad to see her back on track from her difficult times too. I can’t wait to hang out with her.”

Looks like someone is excited to be reunited with the biggest star in the world, and wants everyone to know it! TTYN!

PS – it felt amaaaazing to sleep in today.

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