Choreographer Brian Friedman opened up to Now magazine in the UK about Britney on The X Factor, and alludes to her not exactly digging her judging role on the show.

When asked if it was the right move for her to quit, Brian responded:

“She did what was right for her. I can’t say I think Britney loved working on the show and it looks like she’s chosen to do her music instead.”

Yikes! Check out the rest of the interview in XRAY.

Brian Friedman: Britney Didn't Love Working On The X Factor

This isn’t the first time he’s said something that got fans in a ruckus. Last year he said Britney doesn’t dance the way she used to because she’s a mom now.

“Britney’s a different person now… times are different, our bodies are different… I know that she’s in a different place. She doesn’t want to do a lot of the same things that she did when she was younger. She always says to me ‘I’m a mother… I’ve got two kids.’ It’s her decision on what she wants to do and how she wants to perform. We all just have to let her do what it is she wants to do and accept it, and if you’re a fan you’re a fan… continue to be a fan. If you don’t want to buy the album and you don’t want to watch the videos… it’s your choice.”

Damn media always twisting your words!

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