BreatheHeavy Track By Track Review Of Charli XCX's "Sucker"

Charli XCX’s new appropriately titled album, “Sucker,” is a fine balance between Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat and Britney Spears blowing up a piece of strawberry bubble gum.

Charli’s streaming her album via iTunes this week before its official release on December 15. She went from indie/underground artist to one of music’s hottest contenders. “Sucker” will solidify her position this year with the best of em’ thanks to its unique tone in mainstream music. She didn’t force her punk pop sound on us – we willingly accepted it, embraced it, jammed to it – and that is why Charli XCX has one of the baddest (the good kind) albums of the year.

Every song grants me the visual of an all-girl band rocking out in off-the-shoulder shirts with headbands, doused in glitter and sweat, throwing up middle fingers and peace signs.

Grab a lollypop, possibly a tampon and take a moment to read BreatheHeavy’s album review of Charli XCX’s “Sucker.”


The record’s intro is rough around the edges with the self-titled track, “Sucker.” Amidst a bunch of woo’s and the sporadic “**** you,” Charli sings about blue yachts, plastic speedboats and ultraviolet oceans. I don’t quite know what she means, but it sounds punk and I like boats.

Standout lyrics:

You said you wanna bang. Well, **** you! Sucker!

XCX later admits she’s a killer, so there’s that. It’s an awesomely fun pop rock jammer with a bit of 80’s flare. “Sucker” perfectly sets the tone of the album: sweet & sour with a hint of boys **** and a sprinkle of kiss my ***, *****.

Looking forward to 6th grade girls scream-singing this in the backseat of their parents mini van.


Exactly. We’ve all heard this one, probably over and over (and over). It has the fun Irish jig breakdown behind guitar strings. “Break The Rules” is a fitting rebellious track that properly introduced her to the masses – she released the song as the album’s second single.

Standout lyrics:

Going to the discotheque / Getting high and getting wrecked

Challenge accepted.

Check out the music video here.


I’m just going to get this out of the way immediately: Charli XCX, YOU’RE driving on the wrong side of the road, not us!

Anyway, Charli shares her experience of leaving home and ~making it~ in the U.S.. Cause if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere(?).

Standout lyrics:

I never thought I’d be living in the USA / Doing things the American way

The beat is as quick as the chorus, and I prefer it that way-aye-aye.

There’s also a fun lyric video for it.


Ahh, my favorite song off the album, and unfortunately it’s the shortest in length. She comes for the guy who is clearly boring the **** out of her. He’s the dudegoing flexing in the mirror during **** time, staring at his phone when you’re watching the telly or sunglasses inside the club. It was all kind of magical in the beginning, but now it’s a straight up nuisance and he gots to go.

Check out the colorful music video for it here.

Standout lyrics:

You had an ugly tattoo, and ******* cheap perfume

I’m sensing a theme here.

BreatheHeavy Track By Track Review Of Charli XCX's "Sucker"

Gold Coins:

This song ~mysteriously leaked~ on the Internet last week A.K.A. her label snuck it out to hype up this week’s devious plan to stream the entire album in full before its release date.

Charli slows it down in “Gold Coins,” singing about, not surprisingly, money.

Standout lyrics:

Money pours like the rain falls / And I’m spending like I don’t care

What do you expect when a London queen moves to the U.S., breaks up with her boyfriend and wants to break the rules? You max out your credit card, naturally!

The guitar riffs are cool and all, but we’ve heard it in every song – what’s more interesting is the high-pitch synth sound squealing throughout.

You buy them clothes and things, doll. You do you.

Boom Clap:

I absolutely refuse to write an analysis about this song because that would mean I must listen to it another time, and that’s just NOT going to happen. 350 listens per song is my limit – thank you Las Vegas radio and my pop Spotify playlist.

Standout lyrics:

I also refuse to look them up.

Fine, it’s the first official single from the album. Bye.


It’s rumored “Doing It” is the next single off “Sucker,” and for the sake of her career and my excitement over the song, I hope it is. There’s nothing like it out there currently, and in a world where Ariana Grande lives, that’s really exciting.

I’m pretty positive there’s a flute, or a recorder, or some computerized wind instrument pleasing the audio receptors in my brain. That, matched up with her breathy vocals, is genius! It’s the first time we hear her softer side on the record – everything else is far more in-your-face.

Standout lyrics:

It’s been a long time since we’ve been around / So come on, let’s keep doing it like we’re doing it

One of the best songs on the album, sucka.


Boredom is probably one of the worst feelings a human-being experiences. It means you’re literally wasting your precious time here on Earth, so you should probably go to Home Depot or something. Charli XCX understands this, so what does she do? Calls up her besties and invites herself to a party like Britney Spears did to Heidi Klum one time (true story).

Standout lyrics:

One night, and we’re gonna come and crash the party / Weren’t invited but we’re feeling so outrageous

The chorus is catchy, but not as infectious as the whistling and “oh’s” heard throughout.



Look, I’m not going to lie: once you’re at “Body Of My Own,” all the songs start sharing a lot of similarities. That could be due to my lack of sleep or an A+ effort of cohesiveness “Sucker” has.

I admit, it’s another punchy fun pop rock song. Probably containing some feminist underlying meaning, but the guitars are too distracting to know for sure.

Standout lyrics:

Got my darkness / I’m into myself, don’t need you / Cause I’m gone, so high

Keep going.

BreatheHeavy Track By Track Review Of Charli XCX's "Sucker"


Charli slows things down once more in “Hanging Around,” and by “slows things down,” I mean lowers my musical anxiety half-a-notch – honestly it’s still an upbeat anthem.

Standout lyrics:

Sky high, head in the clouds / Never gonna come down

It’s giving me Queen “We Will Rock You” teas, probably because Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo lent his writing talents to it.


This mellowed out “Sucker” song reminds us all to live life to the fullest. That trip to Amsterdam? GO! The boy you’ve crushed on for five years? Tell him you’re in love! Those ******** drugs you want to experiment with? ******* DO IT! Just kidding on the last one (not really)!

Standout lyrics:

Cause I got the magic in my blood / And I’m staying til the sun comes up

If you’re reading this 1.) You’re flawless 2.) Go after what you want to do in life. It’s slightly odd a Charli XCX song has me pondering my state of awareness, but regardless, it’s got me wondering to myself if I’m doing everything I want to do in life. My answer is yes. Is yours? If not, go find an inspirational phrase to post on Instagram then get motivated and work, *****!

Don’t do drugs.


Charli XCX sings about being the other girl. She recognizes she isn’t her lover’s main squeeze, and that’s never fun. Yep, definitely sensing a theme here:

Fuuuuck guys.

Standout lyrics:

You’re stuck on my mind / Push restart, press rewind

She tones down the sharpness of the album with this tranquil (for her) mid-tempo bopper.


Yes, that is the correct spelling above.

In the final song off the album (international editions of “Sucker” have two more songs: “So Over You” and her cover of the 1960 song by Barrett Strong titled “Money (That’s What I Want),” but I won’t go into them since she didn’t bother sharing them with the states – even though she’s a London Queen doing things the American way. Allegedly.), Charli brings the 1960’s go-go girl glamour realness. It’s a fun (I hate that word) and carefree jingle that’ll be sure to have you snap twice and move to the left, snap twice and swing to the right. Repeated.

Standout lyrics:

Boy, you really messed around / Put me six feet underground / Always kick me when I’m down

It’s fun (haaate).

Charli XCX brings her A-game in this fluid string of pop rock songs that’s original to her. She says it’s an album written for girls to feel “a sense of empowerment,” and she’s not wrong. But it also appeals to the general public, a feat difficult to accomplish. Special “Sucker” shout-out to Charlotte Aitchison for co-writing every song and taking part in one of the shiniest, (I’m so) fanciest albums of 2014.

And honestly, if I ever write the words “pop” and “rock” one after the other ever again… Can’t.