I stood amidst a crowd of people who anxiously awaited for the arrival of their favorite gay NSYNC member. Only one is out, but I do have my suspicions. Lance Bass is celebrating the official release of his new single, “Walking On Air,” along with his recently launched dating app at Victor Drais’ new gay nightclub Liaison this past 4th of July in Las Vegas.

BreatheHeavy scored the only interview with Lance that night, chatting about his music, his engagement to fiancé Michael Turchin and more. If I look distracted in part of the interview, it’s probably the moment I noticed his new hair color coincidentally matched my button-up.

“Tonight is the single release party for my new single ‘Walking on Air,” Lance Bass said, “and we’re also releasing the new ‘Sparxx’ app, the new LGBT dating app… I’m excited for everyone to find love out there.”

A gay app that’s not targeting promiscuity? Gay men can fall in love?!

“Well, you know our community gets a little stereotyped. One night stands are great, but we wanted to start a little something for the community that finds true love.”

The app requires the users’ Facebook credentials to sign in, making it more “legit,” as he put it.

Speaking of true love… Lance Bass is now engaged. What’s he most looking forward to about getting married?

“I’m just excited to say ‘I do’ to the man I love and to share it with the world,” Lance says. “Growing up in Mississippi, I dreamed of being married to the person I love, but always knew I wouldn’t be able to do that because I’m gay. But very recently things have changed, and it’s so exciting that I get to live that dream that I thought of as a little kid – something I always put out of my mind – and now I get to do it.”

Please don’t roll your eyes at me if you’re single and hate what he just said. Download his app instead. You can do it, bb.

What about Lance’s new single “Walking On Air” featuring Bella Blue?

“I’ve been away from music for 12 years, and I finally found the song I wanted to do. I’ve been listening to a lot of songs the last years and nothing really resonated with me. This song I heard for the first time from Anise K and Bella Blue, and I’m like ‘this is my debut single.’”

Lance adds he’d love to collaborate with Alison Krauss one day.

I asked him what he wanted to tell his fans.

“I love you so much,” the former boy-bander said. “[They’ve] been there from the early NSYNC days til’ now; it’s been amazing. They’ve been so supportive. Thank you. Thank you for sticking around.”

Check out the music video for Lance’s new single, “Walking On Air.”