I have a few issues with what Kevin Hart said.

I have a few issues with Kevin Hart saying he won’t “go crazy” like Britney Spears did.

Hart sat down with Kenan Thompson for a Sirius XM Town Hall this week, and opened up about his concept of fame, and while he won’t “allow” himself to go down a path like Britney, and while he makes some valid points, there’s a couple of things Hart fails to realize.

“Fame is false. This s–t ain’t real. It can be snatched from you. Look at how many stars they build up to beat down,” he explained. “Look at Britney Spears when she was the hottest thing ever. Then Britney went through a meltdown and everybody is like ‘Well we don’t know about this f–king chick here.’ Then she got back again and everybody was like, ‘We love you Britney!’ It was like ‘What?!’ You’re f–king all over the place people.”

He added: “That’s what the world is about. We want to build you up, but man is this s–t going to be funny when you fall down. She shaved her head, goddamn! You can’t allow yourself to be put in that position. You’re not going to see me go crazy. I’ll tell you that right now. Y’all can kiss my *** if you think I’m going to go crazy.”

Watch the video above and I’ll explain why Hart should rethink things.

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