I spoke with MTV.com about Britney’s X Factor gig and what fans may or may not expect from the pop queen. Check it out:

“That’s part of the excitement of her being on this: It’s unscripted,” said Jordan Miller, webmaster for Spears’ biggest fan site, BreatheHeavy.com. “We are so used to her reading cue cards and kind of being controlled in that way, so for her to break out of that and to do something that’s stepping outside her comfort zone, I think it’s a great step for her, career-wise, and for her as a person. I think she’s going to do really good. I think she’s confident.”

And confidence is key when judging a singing competition, but so is experience — which Spears has in spades. For years, fans have listened to her chart-topping music and have seen her on tour, but now they’re ready to connect with the star on a new level.

“I think the overall consensus is that people are really excited to see Britney do something new and be able to connect with her a couple times a week on national television,” Miller said. “It’s exciting for fans to see that she’s going to be able to mentor these contestants, because like it or not, Britney does have the ‘X Factor,’ so it’s going to be great to see how she can transcend this into more singers and inspire other people.”

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