I waited for Wendy Williams to arrive to the “Women’s Largest Bachelorette Party” at Tao Beach in Las Vegas on Saturday in the sweltering heat. She showed up for pictures before requesting our interview get moved to her private cabana. I followed her behind a fleet of security guards, friends and her husband.

I’m like ‘relax, Beyonce.’

Wendy was poured a glass of champagne and immediately took a shot. That’s when I knew this would be an interesting interview. Or, maybe it was when I saw her change into a white mesh something-or-other over her bathing suit and bejeweled tiara.

I mentioned writing several stories this year about her view on Brit Brit’s Piece Of Me Show.

In December, Wendy said on her show:

“I want to go out there for just a little weekend – 24 hours – just me and the Mr., and I wanna see Britney Spears. I don’t care about going backstage, I don’t care about any of that stuff… I just wanna go to the concert, and I just wanna have a really good time.”

Just a few days later, Britney premiered her show to a sold-out audience, but Wendy caught wind of a few negative reviews and changed her mind on the whole damn thing!

“I would love to go, but I’m not hearing what I need to hear to get me psyched about it.”

I asked Wendy if she had any plans to see Britney finally. She told me:

We’ll probably come back [to Vegas] and see. Honestly, my husband and I wanted to take a lovers weekend and come see her… but when I heard about the bad reviews…”

“I’m a grown woman. I know I look like a teenager sitting here, but we got a 13-year-old. The show is live out of New York, I really have to pick and choose when I decide to run off on a lover’s holiday.”

She added she really does like Britney!

Wendy’s response when I asked if she’d see the show with me some time this year?

“I’ll take you up on that!”

– Jordan Miller, BreatheHeavy.com

BreatheHeavy Shoots The **** With Wendy Williams