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BreatheHeavy Readers Post Up: Oct. 4 - 9

10 comments from BreatheHeavy members that we tip our fedora to.

Thousands of comments were posted in BreatheHeavy’s Exhale this week, whether it was gawking at Justin Bieber’s naked pictures, analyzing them if they’re fake or not or discussing Lady Gaga on American Horror Story. We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the brilliant and clever contributions from our loyal members. Each week, BreatheHeavy posts our 10 favorite comments we saw throughout the week. They could be bitchy, heartfelt and/or sarcastic. It’s really up to our discretion, and we don’t have much.

Our Top 10:

10. JuliioCGC‘s comment in Justin Bieber Says One Direction Chose Same Release Date For “Promo”

I love you Justin but don’t be delusional!

My boys have released their albums in November since forever AND their numbers are better than yours!

9. Zayn Malik‘s comment in Demi Lovato Previews Iggy Azalea-Collaboration: “Kingdom Come”


8. InnocentCrimes‘s comment in Kesha’s Mom Urges Fans To Picket Outside Sony Offices

I miss ha tbh. I mean she was trash, but like good and really fun trash that was much better than many artists today. And she looks unbelievable nowadays too. We need ha.

7. Mordecai‘s comment in Iggy Azalea’s New Album Is Titled “Digital Distortion”

I could go on and n, about how even her managers are like “ew wtf is this mess, gtfo trash” towards her, or how even a petty person like Nicki pays DUST to her attempt #125312536715763576123 to gain attention from her but let’s not

Looking forward to seeing her yell at people in the subway while petting her pet lizard or whatever “witch” pets she has DDDDDd

6. NakedBlackoutZone‘s comment in Lady Gaga Returns To The Recording Studio With Tony Bennett

5. InnocentCrimes‘s comment in So, Justin Bieber Nudes Have Leaked

I’m both pleased and disgusted.

4. KissYouAllOva‘s comment in Justin Bieber’s Lawyers Threaten Legal Action Over **** Photos

He should just embrace everything.. do **** Bieber, get that coin

3. ItsNathanbitch‘s comment in Britney Spears Hits Recording Studio With Burns & Mischke

Slay, she looks so happy and excited! B9 = ITZ + BO + FF

2. JuliioCGC‘s comment in Giorgio Moroder – Tom’s Diner Lyric Video

Is this the nu “Break The Ice”?

1. Robzter‘s comment in So, Justin Bieber Nudes Have Leaked

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