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BreatheHeavy Readers Post Up: Oct. 18-23

10 comments from BreatheHeavy members that we tip our fedora to.

Thousands of comments were posted in BreatheHeavy’s Exhale this week, whether it was bowing down at Adele’s massive return, bopping to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” or applauding Gwen Stefani’s emotional return with “Used To Love You.” We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the brilliant and clever contributions from our loyal members. Each week, BreatheHeavy posts our 10 favorite comments we saw throughout the week. They could be bitchy, heartfelt and/or sarcastic. It’s really up to our discretion, and we don’t have much.

Our Top 10:

10. Archaeologist‘s comment in Selena Gomez’s “revival” Debuts At No. 1

Slay mama. 97k Stars Dance vs. 117k Revival 2 YEARS LATER WHEN ALBUM SALES ARE LOW AF.

9. Demyx‘s comment in Christina Aguilera Reportedly Calls Vegas Performers Britney & Mariah “Oldies”

I don’t know who’s more delusional, her manager or herself.

8. Streets‘s comment in Gwen Stefani Premieres “used To Love You” Music Video: Watch

LOVE the song, like I’m pretty obsessed with it..

But wtf Gwen that video was atrocious

7. hibiscus.berry.TEA‘s comment in Tinashe Poses For *******

it does seem a little desperate, but since ******* no longer stands for complete ******..She obviously wants that supersexy image, she’s been showing off her body in her videos before, so…
She wants people to notice her and she made sure they will.

6. If U Seek Me‘s comment in One Direction Premieres ‘Perfect’ Video

Why did they put a girl in between them? Do they want to replace Zayn with her?

To sum-up: low-budget boring video. And Liam’s hideous hat is back…

5. Slayde‘s comment in Troye Sivan – ‘Talk Me Down’ Video Premiere

DID HE JUMP!!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?

4. FreeAsMyHair‘s comment in Beyonce’s Dad Says She’s Older Than What She Claims

wouldn’t be the first thing she faked

3. Zeik89‘s comment in Hilary Duff’s Jem & The Holograms Song “youngblood”: Listen

Hilary sings like a baby talks lol

2. Puttanella‘s comment in Britney Spears Shares Stunning Eos Advertisement

We finally get a good pic of her looking like BRITNEY serving fierceness and *** and i have to see some ratchet hoes try to shade ha?

1. The Hook Up‘s comment in Britney Spears’ Oct. 21 Piece Of Me Show Re-Cap

As long as she continues to flip her hair viciously, I’m good

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