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Our Top 10:


willysilva‘s comment in Lady Gaga Wins Golden Globe For Best Actress In A Miniseries Or TV Movie!

britney won best social media or something in the pca’s tho


jennyj‘s comment in Jennifer Lopez Nominated For Worst Actress

I don’t think that’s fair to title J.Lo as Worst Actress for a movie that was so stupidly written. She’s actually a pretty good actress and worked with that crap she was given. Beyoncé in Obsession though, now that can be considered a joke LOL


Oliver T‘s comment in Janet Jackson Announces Rescheduled ‘Unbreakable’ Tour Dates

Lol she’ll perform in front of so many empty arenas. Like I can”t see the Paris show not being cancelled. who the f**k knows one song of hers here? no one lol


Zeik89‘s comment in Listen to Paris Hilton’s New Song “Crazy”

It’s not horrible.


ZeF‘s comment in The Weeknd Says Michael Jackson Helped Him Find His Falsetto

I hear and see the MJ influence in his live performances I just wish he was in shape and not a chubby man, talented nonetheless


jenny‘s comment in Listen To Clips Of Rihanna’s New ‘ANTi’ Single With Drake

Ugh this is even more basic than Pretty Girls lol


Devilish0415‘s comment in Internet Reacts To’s Ciara National Anthem Performance At CFP Game

I’ve heard worse. I didn’t think it was that bad. It was definitely better then Christina Aguilera’s shouting match. And as for the dress. She’s wearing more then what you would see on a girl at a swimming pool. What’s the ish?


Artsy Fartsy‘s comment in Britney Spears’ ‘Baby One More Time’ Album Turns 17

“it’s really cool” her vocabulary hasn’t changed since that time…


OutrageousLance‘s comment in Leo DiCaprio Explains His Reaction To Lady Gaga At Golden Globes

I love how he says ‘what’ instead of ‘who’


PedroJu‘s comment in Britney Officially Announces ‘Maui Fantasy’

I read Maul Fantasy

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