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August 28, 2015 By Jordan Miller

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Literally thousands of comments landed in BreatheHeavy’s Exhale this week, and there are certainly more to come as the VMA’s near. We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the brilliant and clever contributions from our loyal members. Each week, BreatheHeavy will post our 10 favorite comments we saw throughout the week. They could be rude AF, heartfelt and/or sarcasitc. It’s really up to our discretion, which is very little.

10. Gæbriėl.Angël‘s comment in Deadmau5 Pops Off On Justin Bieber And His ‘expensive’ Taste

He made THAT BIG OF A DEAL out of ONE poor use of word – and actually I thought JB used the word ‘expensive’ like how some people use ‘sick’ as in ‘Dude, that’s so sick!’. It sounds expensive man, expensive… Okay, yea, the word doesn’t have the same ring to it but you really think JB would compromise his PR battle back to the top on purpose?

I like Deadmou5 but seriously f*ck off and grow up. Tired of these stupid feuds between musicians lipping each other off over Twitter. Absolute cowards.

9. Spearsfan commented in Lady Gaga’s Ahs: Hotel Character Inspiring Her Music

Now this is changing pop culture.

This is what I hate about Gaga if it’s good it will speak for itself.

I would love for tfm 2.0 buy doing a 2.0 is very difficult

8. UrFavesRBasic2015 commented in Justin Bieber’s “what Do You Mean” Lyric Video Surfaces

I think its OK.

But in a world of Nick Jonas and other male celebs with more charisma he’ll have to leak nudes or do something drastic performance wise to stay in the limelight.

This song might be a moderate hit, but if he wants a massive hit he’ll need stronger material.

7. gonzo commented in Carrie Underwood Hitches A Ride In “smoke Break” Video

is it just me or is she trying to sound like Miranda Lambert

6. BOBIBCFB commented in Nick Jonas Teases “Levels” Music Video

he finally did something non homosexual lol. i want to be that girl tbh.

5. Style. commented in Happy Birthday Shania: 5 Reasons Why Her Career Is Iconic

My dad is a fan

4. Wonderstruck commented in Miley Cyrus & Her Pasties Visited Jimmy Kimmel

I thought she did really well in this interview. I caught it last night. She’s over-the-top and captivating in a way that seemingly every other current celebrity isn’t. Everyone else is very contrived and artificial. They dwell in the Kardashian school of having no personality and looking flawless at all times. Back when Miley did her infamous performance, I thought she was just kind of a superficial pop star who was all about *** and nothing deeper. But I admire what she recently said about her riches and the music industry and the efforts that she appears to be making for homeless youth. She may be a little pretentious in person, who knows, but she seems down-to-earth and compassionate on some level. She was also pretty funny in the interview, and she made a splashy entrance. She’s spirited, and it’s almost making me consider watching the VMAs this weekend. I wasn’t planning on it, because the performance line-up *****, and it seems like there is nothing else worth sitting on my *** for 3 hours for.

3. SuperstarKED commented in Nicki Minaj Added To Vma Performances Lineup

Oh maybe she’ll do a super feminist, pro black-equailty performance… oh wait she’ll probably just shake her silicone *** in a thong and shake her ******* on all fours to another song about how much she loves ***.

2. JanetSpears commented in Taylor Swift Likes Shady Tumblr Post Comparing Britney & Avril Lavigne M&gs

lol who uses Tumblr
what is this 1950

1. fadedney commented in Britney Shares Behind-The-Scenes Piece Of Me Pics

***** is feeling herself

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