BreatheHeavy's Q&A With Country Singer Nate Green

Country singer-songwriter Nate Green tells BreatheHeavy in our exclusive Q&A that “happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

That sentiment perfectly describes the deeper meaning behind Green’s new music video for “Back Road” off his recently released EP titled “Road Map.”

The Nashville-based country crooner has had his fair share of gossip surrounding his identity, but it’s his eclectic mix of songs on the EP that trump any social misunderstandings. He blends his twangy roots with pop/EDM/R&B to create a unique audio infusion that’s either on the money or his path to discovering his artistry.

Check out the Q&A with Green below:

BreatheHeavy: What’s the inspiration behind “Back Road?”
Nate Green: The song itself was really inspired by my country upbringing and me wanting to expand my sound. I wrote the song about taking someone out of the fast city life and showing them the way in live in the country. So when producing the track, I wanted it to “sound” as different and contrasting as the city is to the country. So we infused really country banjo riffs with a really dub-stepped influenced chorus to make the perfect mix. Its an incredible introduction of what I am trying to do in the music industry, and that is to be inventive.

Why did you want to release this song as your next single?
I thought “Wild and Free” was an incredible upbeat first single, but I wanted “Back Road” to really be that next step into something very inventive. Very different than anything else at the moment you hear on the radio.

What’s your favorite song off your EP and why?
Probably “Love Again.” Its the most stripped production of any track from the EP and we recorded it live in one take. It’s basically what I wish for the person I love when I pass away, and that is for them to love again. It was powerful to write and means a lot to me, and the producers I worked with knew how much it meant to me and let me just completely take over the production. They are incredible.

What do you think about the current state of pop music?
As formula-driven as it is, I think its always expanding and changing. That can also be good and bad. I applaud artists who continually change their inspiration and the way they sound. It challenges listeners to not “accept the norm” and to really broaden their musical taste. The more successful you get, the easier it is for people to tell you yes. And when dealing with music, I don’t want people to tell me yes just because my last song was great. I want to always challenge people to hear something “different” and apply the lyrics to their own lives.

BreatheHeavy's Q&A With Country Singer Nate Green

Who are some of your musical inspirations?
I love Keith Urban. I think he is an all around total artist. I like music dating back to “The Outfield” and maybe that’s why I love what Taylor Swift did with her last album infusing ’80s sounds. She’s an incredible writer and I admire that. I love country greats like Garth Brooks and George Strait. I’m also a sucker for some Spanish artists… you may definitely find their music on my iPod.

What do you consider success in music?
I think I am honestly still figuring that out. Releasing this EP “Road Map” was a pretty successful point in my career for me, as well as these music videos for “Wild and Free” and “Back Road.” You work so hard on the business side that you tend to forget that it all comes from a creative aspect and that you personally did it, So I think success to me in music is to continually be able to be creative. The second that it doesn’t make me happy, I won’t continue. But I don’t see that happening soon.

If you could collaborate with someone, who would it be and why?
Right now I think if I could sing a track with Ariana Grande that would be incredible. I think she has a great voice. Also Carrie Underwood and to write a track with Keith Urban. Those are some goals I can think of in my head right now. I would also like to dive into something I haven’t done before, like work with a DJ maybe on a country inspired track. That could be really cool for me.

What’s something you want people to know about you?
I’m never changing who I am.

BreatheHeavy Q&A With Country Singer Nate Green

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