Call out of work on Friday.

Looks like Little Monsters will be calling out of work on Friday.

Lady Gaga’s revealing documentary, Five Foot Two, premieres on Netflix on Friday (Sep. 22). Pitchfork has a pretty great write-up on it already. Compelling, provocative and real are just a few words to describe what fans are about to witness in the Chris Moukarbel-directed piece.

It features some pretty serious scenes of Lady Gaga dealing with superstardom and coping with severe and chronic pain from complications with fibromyalgia. It could get pretty emotional, so we created a playful drinking game for Little Monsters to play while watching their fav on the **** tube.

Any time Gaga says the word “Joanne,” take a drink. Is wearing sunglasses? Chug chug! Spot a monster paw? You know the drill…

Yeah, you’ll probably be wasted 15-minutes in, but if you can’t enjoy a couple of cocktails with Mother Monster than what’s the point? Exactly.

Peep the rules up top and enjoy!

Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two beams to Netflix September 22.

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