Up-and-coming singer D.J. Craig reworks the famous Backstreet Boys’ song “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.”

BreatheHeavy Premiere: D.J. Craig Covers Backstreet Boys Ballad

Up-and-coming singer, D.J. Craig, re-worked The Backstreet Boys’ “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.”

Already a moody and grim song, Craig throws his theatrical twist onto the cover, adding new instrumentation, re-worked choruses and yinging (yell singing) in “Lonely.”

He’s made video cameos in Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body,” Cher Lloyd’s UK “Want U Back” and nabbed a featured role in Meghan Trainer’s upcoming video for “Title,” but the alternative pop artist wants the spotlight. He’s already recorded 25 songs for his upcoming musical project, and kicks things off with his cover of the boy band’s famous power ballad.

Here’s 4 things you need to know about Craig’s first musical offering straight from him:

BreatheHeavy Premiere: D.J. Craig Covers Backstreet Boys Ballad

1. This video, “Lonely,” is a reinvention of one of my favorite Grammy nominated songs (“Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely) by the biggest boy band in the history of music, The Backstreet Boys. I felt like the lyrics and meaning of the song were on the darker end and that many people, especially my generation could relate to that feeling. I’ve actually gotten a lot of love and support from the writers of the song Herbie Diamond Crichlow and Max Martin.

2. The meaning of the video is about how loneliness disrupts the calm in your mind, body and spirit. How easy it is to feel alone because no one is there. How we look to “things”, run to “things” and search for “things” to fulfill us, but what we really need is inner peace and self-love.

3. The director is Chán André of IDenitity UNknown Entertainment / VPi Entertainment / VOYEURIZED. He produced the song and came up with the idea to do the reinvention.

4. We wanted to show the contrast between the inner me (black) who is searching for the lost me (white). We wanted the lost me to represent chaos and confusion… longing and searching… anger and pain. While the inner me represents peace, calm, love, patience and truth.

Check out D.J. Craig’s gloomy cover of “Lonely:”

LONELY – Official Music Video

And now, I humbly and proudly share with you my very 1st Official Music Video for #LONELY – Our interpretation of Backstreet Boys #Grammy winning single #ShowMeTheMeaningOfBeingLonely!DIRECTED BY: Chán André for VPi ****** Photography, Inc. Produced by: ****** Pictures + Tragic Streetz #CraigCity #DavidJohnCraig #DJCraig David John CraigDirector of Photography:Sam Haskell, Jr. #LONELYWritten by the amazing team of: #MaxMartin #HerbieDiamondCrichlow Herbie Crichlow Herbie Diamond CrichlowConceptualized, Produced + Arranged by: The #VOYEURFeaturing Stephen Barna on #guitarHIT the #HD Button and Enjoy. #Share #Comment #Like #Repost #Support #INDEPENDENT #musicvideo #music #artist #new #rock #dark #emotional #backstreetboys #bsb

Posted by D.J. Craig on Sunday, March 15, 2015

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