Kodaline release their new album “Coming Up For Air” today ahead of their North American tour.

BreatheHeavy Interviews Kodaline Upon U.S. Album Release

Irish rock band Kodaline drop their sophomore album “Coming Up For Air” today in the U.S., then kick off the next leg of their tour tomorrow. BreatheHeavy talked with band member Vinny May about their recent musical endeavors.

After completing their sold-out European & UK tour, Kodaline, made up of Steve Garrigan (lead vocals) Mark Prendergast (guitarist), Jason Boland (bassist) and Vinny May (drummer), are ready to take over the American market before embarking on a 22 city North American headlining tour beginning tomorrow (Wednesday, April 15) in Detroit, Michigan.

The RCA-label group worked on this album with producers Jacknife Lee (U2, Snow Patrol, One Direction), Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding) and In A Perfect World producer Steve Harris. They even played around in the studio with One Direction’s Harry Styles and saw attention from artists like Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Niall Horan and Nicole Scherzinger.

BreatheHeavy chatted with Vinny about their latest album, touring and developing as musicians.

What’s it like releasing “Coming Up For Air” in the U.S. today?
It’s been weird because [the album has] been out in the UK and Europe. It’s crazy that some people still haven’t heard it – especially in America. It’s all exciting again… having the opportunity for a second album to be released [in America] is incredible.

What can fans expect to see when they go to a Kodaline show?
It’s four guys on stage that play music [laughs]. The songs when we play them live are interpretations; they’re not word for word perfect in terms of what they sound like on the record. We’ve adapted them to live. What you hear on stage is more of a raw version than what you hear on the album.

This album was recorded so quick, the songs are still so new and fresh to us… they mold and shift and change. It’s always fun to change things when we’re playing live.

BreatheHeavy Interviews Kodaline Upon U.S. Album Release

Who is “Honest” about?
The song was written about somebody that was really close to us, the four guys as a band, and the things that they did… they’re not close to us anymore. It was somebody that worked with the band. The song is about being honest and calling out the person for not being honest. We had the song written with instrumentation and kind of took it to a whole new place and brought a whole new life to the song.

Why is “Coming Up For Air” different than your last album “In A Perfect World?”
It was more of a group effort. We are much better friends and we’re closer. We’re much better musicians now then we were two years ago when we recorded “In A Perfect World.” 90% of it was recorded when Jason wasn’t in the band, and it was only the three of us; it was myself Mark and Steve, so it’s always good to have somebody else there so you can bounce ideas off them. Then when Jason joined the band it kind of changed how we wrote songs, how we worked with the band.

Will the song you made with Harry Styles ever see the light of day?
It was done for fun. We had time off and he had time off and that was kind of it. We were both in L.A. – he came to one of our shows and we hung out with him after. He’s a really cool guy. It just kind of worked out like that, but we never recorded the song for it to have a purpose. It was just some people working together and collaborating. It was fun to do.

What do you consider success in the music industry?
It’s either people coming to your live shows or being given the opportunity to make more music; being able to make music for as long as possible. We’re extremely lucky and prideful that we were given the opportunity to record a second album. We hope we can get the chance to record a third and fourth album. [Success is] if you’re still in the business a few years down the road and are able to maintain writing and putting out music.