is featured in a Britney article on the main page of the Huffington Post today! The editorial recounts Britney’s latest endeavors. The juicy part:


Every uber-fan satisfies their Britney voyeuristic appetite with a true treat: Britney’s biggest fan website, Jordan Miller, who launched the site as a 16-year-old high school sophomore, explains: “I started out being interested in Britney because I was a fan of her music, but throughout the years of reporting on her, I’ve followed all the ups and downs and documented all the details.”

Seven years later and now 22, Miller’s still getting and giving his Britney fix — receiving approximately 300,000 views a day. “It’s hard to explain, but something about her inspires me to write, be an artist and express myself.” Well, going from being strapped to a gurney to readying her seventh buzzed-about studio album — which boasts an a team of mega-producers like Dr. Luke, Max Martin and the rumored William Orbit (hello, Madonna’s Ray of Light!) – is worthy of a little inspiration.

Thank you for the interview! Spreading love and inspiration to all my peers!

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